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Thesis & Dissertation Binding : Softback Binding

Softback binding is a cheap yet good quality, strong binding used for dissertations or draft or first submission documents. We have three forms of soft binding.

The first is glue binding, which is a glued or sewn and glued book that has a clear PVC front cover and card card back. It has the advantage of being very secure and easy to read.

The second is "softback channel bind" which looks the same as the glue bind above, it securly clamps the pages of your document. It also has a clear plastic front and black card back cover. The advantage of this system is that it only takes around 15 minutes, no holes are punched in your text pages, as with comb or wire binding, and does not involve glue.

The third is wire binding. We supply a card back and a clear PVC front. It has the advantage of being easy to read as your book will lay flat on the desk, but these documents do not store well as the wires can be easily crushed or become tangled.

Softback bound book